Judicial Sites Become iPad Friendly

Photo of Supreme Court Building

More and more business websites have made themselves appear and respond better for the iPad. Now, not only do businesses recognize the need for a better browsing experience, but courts do as well.

Recently, the South Carolina Supreme Court web page became iPad friendly. The news was touted on its page.

“the South Carolina Judicial Department launched a new webserver.  This move allowed SCJD to implement a new touch menu that works well on the iPad.  The website is now set up to display a “touch” menu for visitors who are using an iPad and a “click” menu for those using a computer.  Deb Rosengrant, Web Developer, researched the options for going iPad friendly and implemented the necessary changes across the site. Tina Newhouse, Server Administrator, was responsible for setting up and configuring the development and production servers.  In addition, our site now has its own Apple Touch Icon which is displayed on the iPad for any visitor who adds a link to http://www.sccourts.org on their home screen.”

Using the  ->  icon found in the browser, you can add the South Carolina Supreme Court home page to your webpage as a shortcut icon on your iPad.  Here’s how.

First, in your browser, tap on the arrow. Then, tap on Add to Home Screen.

Next, edit the name of the icon that will appear on your desktop.

Move the icon to where you want it to be.

The website is now a short tap away.  This will work with other sites as well.


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