iCloud Help and Resources

iCloud upload image Credit Apple Inc.

With MobileMe gone and iCloud use up, how can you learn about all the resources and tools that iCloud offers?

Finding Help

If you ever wanted to learn more about using iCloud, from a browser, you can go to this link and read iCloud Help information from Apple.

Print the Book

More importantly, you can click on the Printer icon and create a PDF for review later of all of the information.

When you click on the Printer icon, you can select an option to print the entire “book.”

After you select Print Book, (on a Mac) you can then print as a PDF by selecting Save as PDF…. You can then save the book for easy offline reference or even put it into your Dropbox folder so you can access it anywhere.

Even More Support and Resource Information

If you need more support information, you can go to this more complete support site to read even more information about iCloud, finding your devices or friends, iTunes and more.


There are many services and tools that iCloud can provide for you. Explore all the possibilities by using these help and support sites.


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