Lexis Advance Legal App Updated

Lexis is, in part, a legal research service. The Lexis Advance HD app is an intuitive mobile interface specifically for the iPad. You can access LexisNexis Advance services whether on the go, in your office or in court. Although the app has existed for some time (with some issues), this update makes a big difference in the quality of the services delivered.

iPad Screenshot 3

New features in this version include:

Ability to view annotations; enhanced navigation for multi-part documents; search across 21 additional content types; numerous new filters for narrowing results; search terms bolded in results list; go directly to document if searching single citation; select from Recent & Favorite filters; visual indication that document has been saved to a folder.

iPad Screenshot 5

Although the app is free, you need to have a current Lexis Advance subscription and valid ID/password to use this app.

The features of the app include:

– Instant Search – with the help of suggested search terms run a search without having to select a specific source, delivering relevant results for both text and citation. Filter answer sets according to jurisdiction, date, legal topic, key word or court.

– Evaluate your Case with Shepard’s® – Validate whether cases and statutes are still good law and save your findings in your folders for easy access wherever you are.

– Stay Organized with Work Folders – You can create work folders on your iPad which synchronize with your web-based Lexis® Advance application. You can then save documents and searches in your work folder, access them again at any time and any place, and even highlight/annotate key passages.

The ability to synchronize work folders between your iPad and web-based Lexis service is very helpful.

If you are interested in learning more about the services offered, check out this page.


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