Jot Touch Review

Several months ago, Adonit announced a pressure sensitive iPad stylus.

A thorough review by MacWorld has been posted.

The review boils down to saying that the stylus is excellent but it needs more compatible software to work with that are “Jot Ready.”

Have you been looking for one more stylus to try? Adonit’s Jot Touch, may be just the one you want. But, at $99.99, are you willing to buy it?


3 thoughts on “Jot Touch Review

  1. I, for one, am not ready to spend $100 on a stylus. It’s bad enough trying to keep a laptop running smoothly and I can only envision this tool costing a bunch to keep it operating positively. I do have the regular adonit stylus and that’s fine.

  2. I’ve been waiting eagerly for this and finally have it. I’ve tested it thoroughly and am disappointed.
    The pressure sensitivity at this time is only set for opacity. No override is available yet to assign this setting to brush size.
    Also the levels of sensitivity is not registering on my stylus. Maybe it defective. The manufacturer said the apps are partially responsible for this since the apps sets the limit to how well it “reads” the stylus.
    Until the apps catch up with this stylus I would pass for now. I can see why Adonit, the manufacturer took so long to release this. I can only guess the other competitors will be releasing theirs soon and Adonit wanted to get a jump on sales.

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