MobileFamilyTree Pro Sale

Now through August 5, Synium Software GmbH, makers of MacFamilyTree, are selling their universal app MobileFamilyTree Pro. (Their summer sale applies to some other Mac apps too.)

This is a standalone mobile genealogy app and can be synced with its counterpart on the Mac.

iPad Screenshot 1

The developer lists the features as including:

– Completely rewritten from scratch
– First complete genealogy application for all iOS devices on the market
– Can be used as a standalone app without MacFamilyTree or a Mac
– Full GEDCOM import & export support
– Almost all features from MacFamilyTree are available in MobileFamilyTree

– Use either a visual based editor or a card based editor to enter your family tree
– All information that can be edited in MacFamilyTree can also be viewed and edited in MobileFamilyTree
– Take pictures or make videos directly in MobileFamilyTree
– Keep track of your work by using To Do´s
– Powerful Media Browser & Places management adopted from MacFamilyTree

– All charts from MacFamilyTree are available in MobileFamilyTree
– Available Charts: Hourglass Chart, Ancestor Chart, Descendants Chart, Timeline, Double Ancestor Chart, Statistics, Fan Chart, Relationship Chart, Genogram, Map Chart
– Print charts directly from your iOS Device
– Email charts to relatives
– See the paths of your ancestors in the Map chart

iPad Screenshot 5
– All reports from MacFamilyTree are available in MobileFamilyTree
– Available Reports: Person Report, Family Group Report, Kinship Report, Narrative Report, Places Report, Events Report, Distinctive Persons Report, Birthday Report, Person List Report, Marriage List Report
– Print reports directly from your iOS Device
– Email reports to relatives

– Keep your iPhone and iPad in Sync
– Flawlessly sync to MacFamilyTree on your Mac (requires MacFamilyTree 6.1 or newer)

– Comprehensive help integrated and accessible in all views
– Universal application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
– Support for Retina Display
– New Family Quiz

If you were interested in working on your family tree, taking this app on the go presents some unique possibilities. If you have been thinking about getting this app, buy it on sale.

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