Screencastsonline comes to the iPad via Newsstand

If you are a regular Screencastsonline subscriber, you know that Don McAllister has used screencasts to teach us how to use various Mac apps for years. More recently, he has reviewed various apps for the iPad using the same method – showing and telling.

Now, he has launched a monthly magazine via the iPad Apple newsstand. This is one more way to get the screencastsonline content. You will need internet access to stream the videos.

The magazine is an app. You need to install it from your iPad.

ScreenCastsOnline monthly magazine is packed with hints, tips, articles and links to streamable versions of the ScreenCastsOnline tutorials. Delivered via Newsstand, the magazine will be downloaded to your iPad automatically, every month. Once the code expires, you can get a new one!

How to subscribe using your account number:
Visit the App Store on your iPad and search for “ScreenCastsOnline Monthly” or tap on a link on your iPad from the login screen of screencastslonline. Once the App is installed, tap on the yellow Subscribe button and tap on “Current Subscribers”. Enter your account number and tap OK.

As a member you can get the free sample and monthly magazine. A retina version is automatically downloaded for devices capable of reviewing it in retina mode. Don wants members to spread the word via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

But what is the cost of the monthly magazine….To members, it is included…To get your free code, log into your members account and look under your payment history.

If you are not a member, you can buy individual months for £ 4.99 or buy an annual subscription.

If you are not familiar with Screencastsonline, check out Don’s site and view some sample free episodes. You will immediately feel comfortable with having your own personal instructor walk you through many aspects of your favorite apps. You can also watch his shows to decide if an app may be right for you.

I have been a member for sometime and encourage you to check out his service.


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