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Teed – To Do List – Free for limited time

If you are constantly looking for an app to handle your to do list items, Teed may be for you – and for a limited time, it is free.

iPad Screenshot 1

Although it does not appear to support syncing between devices, the layout for the iPad version appears to be clean and easy to read. This is a universal app that will work on both your iPhone and iPad.

The developer describes the app as follows:

Teed makes it easy to …
* Make a list of things to think about later when you’re not so busy
* Check your tasks whenever and whereever you are
* Manage your project process smoothly
* Remind you whenever you want to ensure all of your tasks to be done on time.
… and more.

Teed is a powerful yet simple to use To-Do list manager for your daily life. Teed has a clean, beautiful and elegant interface. It will help organize your To-Do list, projects and notes, and make you more productive.

Teed is a perfect application to quickly jot down tasks and the archive function allows you to store completed tasks that you want to keep. It’s simple to add a task and doesn’t require you to fill out any field you don’t want.

-Simple to add tasks, projects and folders.
-Location notification reminders.
-Well design modules to display overdue, today and next tasks.
-Manage multiple tasks at once with multi-select.
-Add notes to your task to keep track of your daily activities.
-Supports move multiple selected tasks to specified folder.
-Flag important tasks to ensure them be completed on time.
-Save completed tasks you need to keep track of.
-Tasks with multiple tags.
-Repeating tasks.
-Multiple projects with multiple subtasks.
-Repeating projects with repeating subtasks.
-Sort tasks by date asc or des as you want.
-Clean, beautiful and elegant interface.
-Customizable App Badge.
-Password protection.


5 thoughts on “Teed – To Do List – Free for limited time

  1. Nice app, checked it out after your recommendation. A sync between devices would be great, but all in all, it’s well done. Cleary inspired a bit by the popular Things app, however it’s not that easy to make a good todo app. I know, because I made my own called ThunderTask.
    Looking forward to your next posts 🙂

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