TrialPad Updated to 3.0.6

TrialPad is an app for your iPad that allows you to present documents and movies, in real time, to a jury, court or at a seminar.

This app allows you to show and highlight relevant documents in a way that emphasizes and clarifies. What is seen on your iPad can be projected on to a screen and you or the witness can annotate, draw and zoom in on relevant portions of the materials you want to show.

iPad Screenshot 2

You can watch some demo videos to get a sense of what this app is capable of doing or review the FAQs.

iPad Screenshot 4

The update and fixes for this version include:

– You can create a Callout on document that you have zoomed in on.
– You can now annotate (Highlight, Pen, Redact) on a callout, and annotations will be reflected on the underlying document.
– Callout(s) will be saved as part of the Key Doc to allow the re-display of an annotated document with the callout.
– Callouts will still be moveable/removable in the Key Doc.

– Create Case Archive (found in Cases area under New Case popup).
– This will create a backup of an existing case, including Key Docs and any annotations.
– Archived case can be transferred to your computer via iTunes.
– Backup case can be restored to another iPad running TrialPad 3.0 or later.

Exhibit Stickers:
– In the Rename dialog you can assign an exhibit number and sticker to a document.
– Exhibit stickers will display on documents, and corresponding Key Docs, with choices for placement and color.
– Exhibit numbers will appear in document list, and in the Evidence Report (see below).

Audio Files:
– Support for audio files such as 911 recordings (file format has to be supported by the iPad).
– Will operate the same way as video.

War Room Mode:
– Now War Room Mode stays on until you exit TrialPad app (it used to turn off on exiting of case).
– You can now switch cases without War Room Mode remaining on to show TrialPad’s interface to an audience.
– This is for demonstrating, training, or in actual war room situation.

– You can now collapse the document list in landscape view to give a larger view of your document.
– Document view can be collapsed while in presentation mode without affecting the presentation output.
– You can now create and name a new folder in one step.
– Folders can be assigned different colors and icons for better organization and visual reference.
– Long file or folder names will automatically get smaller font sizes to avoid being truncated.
– Added “Open In…” to Send menu so documents can be opened in another app.

– A single-tap on a tool will allow for one use, and a double-tap will allow for multiple uses of one tool.
– A new Lock Annotation Tools option in Settings will allow for each tool to stay on until the tool is turned off, or another tool is selected.

Evidence Report:
– Creates full report of all evidence files in a case as a PDF file.
– Includes information such as file name, number of pages, exhibit number, size, and path location.
– Separate report sections for Documents, Multimedia, and Key Docs.
– Can be viewed within TrialPad, emailed, or printed.

– Support for WebDAV has been implemented by request from large firms and government agencies.
– Documents can also be uploaded to a WebDAV server.

Zip File Support:
– Support for zip files so you can import multiple files in a zipped archive via email or iTunes, and keep file and folder structure intact.

Other Minor Changes:
– TrialPad title and version number on Cases screen for uniformity with TranscriptPad.
– New and improved Dropbox integration.
– Documents/Video/Key Docs tabs are changed to Documents/Multimedia/Key Docs.

Plus bug fix regarding large file count, and general speed and optimization improvements.


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