PaperPort Notes 2.0 Update

PaperPort Notes is a digital note taking app for the iPad. You can type notes or draw them with your finger tip or stylus. You can also use Dragon Voice recognition to capture your ideas or notes by speaking. (You will need internet access.) Adding sticky notes to a PDF is easy as well.

iPad Screenshot 5

New with version 2.0, is the ability to convert scanned documents taken with the camera into editable text using the Nuance OmniPage Cloud service. You can sign up for the free service here. If you want extra storage, you will need to pay a monthly fee ranging from 9.99 to 24.99 a month and sign up here.

The ability to import items from Dropbox, PaperPort Anywhere and other ways also exists. This feature allows you to share your notes with others or have them available on other devices.

If you are looking for one more note taking app to try or start fresh with an app with a solid set of features, try PaperPort Notes.


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