TrialPad Update 3.0.10

Trialpad for iPad

TrialPad for iPad is an app that lawyers may use to organize and present information and images to a jury, judge or mediation. Some powerful features include the ability to, in real time, annotate documents and images and project those images in real time to a screen for the jury to see.

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There have been several updates in the last few months. Those updates are as follows:

**** What’s New in TrialPad 3.0.10 ****

– Addressed an issue where a Key Doc might only capture the first page of a document.

**** What’s New in TrialPad 3.0.9 ****

– Resolved an issue with launching and using TrialPad while holding the iPad in portrait orientation.
– Resolved an issue with renaming Key Docs.
– Added the ability to automatically get a link to download the iBooks Quick Start Guide using email.

**** What’s New in TrialPad 3.0.6 ****

– You can create a Callout on document that you have zoomed in on.
– You can now annotate (Highlight, Pen, Redact) on a callout, and annotations will be reflected on the underlying document.
– Callout(s) will be saved as part of the Key Doc to allow the re-display of an annotated document with the callout.
– Callouts will still be moveable/removable in the Key Doc.

– Create Case Archive (found in Cases area under New Case popup).
– This will create a backup of an existing case, including Key Docs and any annotations.
– Archived case can be transferred to your computer via iTunes.
– Backup case can be restored to another iPad running TrialPad 3.0 or later.

Exhibit Stickers:
– In the Rename dialog you can assign an exhibit number and sticker to a document.
– Exhibit stickers will display on documents, and corresponding Key Docs, with choices for placement and color.
– Exhibit numbers will appear in document list, and in the Evidence Report (see below).

iPad Screenshot 3
Audio Files:
– Support for audio files such as 911 recordings (file format has to be supported by the iPad).
– Will operate the same way as video.

War Room Mode:
– Now War Room Mode stays on until you exit TrialPad app (it used to turn off on exiting of case).
– You can now switch cases without War Room Mode remaining on to show TrialPad’s interface to an audience.
– This is for demonstrating, training, or in actual war room situation.

– You can now collapse the document list in landscape view to give a larger view of your document.
– Document view can be collapsed while in presentation mode without affecting the presentation output.
– You can now create and name a new folder in one step.
– Folders can be assigned different colors and icons for better organization and visual reference.
– Long file or folder names will automatically get smaller font sizes to avoid being truncated.
– Added “Open In…” to Send menu so documents can be opened in another app.

– A single-tap on a tool will allow for one use, and a double-tap will allow for multiple uses of one tool.
– A new Lock Annotation Tools option in Settings will allow for each tool to stay on until the tool is turned off, or another tool is selected.

Evidence Report:
– Creates full report of all evidence files in a case as a PDF file.
– Includes information such as file name, number of pages, exhibit number, size, and path location.
– Separate report sections for Documents, Multimedia, and Key Docs.
– Can be viewed within TrialPad, emailed, or printed.

– Support for WebDAV has been implemented by request from large firms and government agencies.
– Documents can also be uploaded to a WebDAV server.

Zip File Support:
– Support for zip files so you can import multiple files in a zipped archive via email or iTunes, and keep file and folder structure intact.

Other Minor Changes:
– TrialPad title and version number on Cases screen for uniformity with TranscriptPad.
– New and improved Dropbox integration.
– Documents/Video/Key Docs tabs are changed to Documents/Multimedia/Key Docs.

Plus bug fix regarding large file count, and general speed and optimization improvements.

You can watch demo videos on the developer’s web page to see the app in action.

The quick start guide book can be downloaded directly from your iPad here and is an iBook.


TranscriptPad icon

The developer makes a sister app called Transcript Pad that allows you to review, comment and share information contained within a text transcript. That app was last updated in May.

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