JuryPad Released

Feature rich and easy to use

JuryPad, a new app aimed at trial lawyers conducting jury trials, has just been released. This app is designed to assist in the jury selection process by helping the attorney collect, gather and organize information about jurors.

iPad Screenshot 1

According to the developer, the app will assist the lawyer with keeping up with information related to jurors to allow for peremptory challenges, cause strikes, and the number of challenges or strikes used by you or your opponent.

iPad Screenshot 4

You can organize the jurors using various seating charts so you will know exactly which juror is which.

iPad Screenshot 2

You can even view statistical information about the jury in a graphical form for easy reference.

iPad Screenshot 3

The developer lists further features:

~ Remain Organized – Easily Add or Modify Juror Info ~

Easily add or edit your jurors’s information. Map their addresses and take a look at their front doors. Take notes, sort, and evaluate jurors on the fly. JuryPad is designed to be a robust, flexible, and sophisticated tool while remaining both easy to navigate and to use. JuryPad is designed for real world use in the courtroom by helping you to capture and to organize information during voir dire.

~ Dig Deep – Sort, Filter, and Search Jurors ~

JuryPad helps you quickly and easily sort, search, and filter your jurors. Sort by jury number, name, and rating. Search for any term. Filter by challenging party for Batson motions. While others fumble around with notes and charts, JuryPad lets you efficiently and easily arrange your jurors’ information. Search for jurors by any term including name, race, street address, martial status, employer’s name, and much more. Also, search through your notes on jurors. Making or facing a Batson motion? JuryPad lets you quickly see which party challenged which juror, and the information concerning these jurors is at your finger tips.

~ Upcoming Features – Custom Voir Dire, Cloud Integration, and Easier Data Entry ~

We are already working in the next version of JuryPad. Look for upcoming releases including the ability to create, save, and reuse custom voir dire templates. Also, we are adding features to back up and share JuryPad databases with other JuryPad users. And we are adding a spreadsheet template for you to enter jurors on your laptop/desktop that can be imported into your trials.


In short, if you are looking for an iPad app to help you gather and organize information to make better jury selection, check out JuryPad for its introductory price of $19.99. You can read more at the developer’s website.


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