Why Type Using an iPad?

Jason Snell at MacWorld has written an interesting article about using the iPad to write articles entitled “Why I’m writing on the iPad.”

He suggests being forced to type slower on the iPad has benefits. He explains that although his mind still tries to get the information out quickly, because he types slower on the iPad, he must focus more on what he wants to say. Importantly, because he can not easily jump go back and forth between web pages, email and other “distractions” like he does on a computer, the iPad’s screen and his slower typing pace cause better focus on the task at hand – writing crisply, concisely, and clearly.

There are several minimalist word processing apps to consider. These apps may or may not be compatible with Word or other more popular word processor’s formatting.

The point is simple. It is more important to get the initial content down before spending time formatting.

Nebulous Notes is one writing app mentioned by Mr. Snell.

WIRED magazine reviewed three other minimalist writing apps recently in Prose on the iPad: 3 Dedicated Writing Apps. The apps reviewed are WriteRoom, DraftPad and ensō Writer.

The idea behind these apps and articles that discuss them is simple – you write better with less distraction.

So, if you have thought that the iPad is not a better tool for writing your work or papers, you could be fooling yourself.

As the New Year approaches, consider the benefits of typing slower using minimalist apps to do more.


3 thoughts on “Why Type Using an iPad?

  1. I find it hard to use the iPad to write mainly because I
    dictate using dragon on my iMacs, which is much faster for the
    first draft than iPad typing. Hopefully, we will be able to dictate
    longer documents with the iPad than they currently allow.

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