How to Use iTunes 11 to Arrange Apps

iTunes icon 11

With the introduction of iTunes 11, the way to accomplish some tasks, like arranging apps on your iOS device, has changed although the function remains. To access the various services, including rearranging your apps via iTunes, read on.

1. Open iTunes on your computer.

2. Connect your iOS device to your computer via wi-fi or USB cable. To connect via Wi-Fi, you first have to connect your device to iTunes on your computer via the USB cable. Then, you can turn on the feature Sync with this device over Wi-Fi (shown below in Step 5).

3. Once iTunes is on, look for your iOS device(s) in iTunes below “Search Library”. If  you have more than 1 iOS device connected, you may see the number of devices connected listed. Click this tab.

iTunes iOS Device Selection

4. Choose the device you wish to access by clicking on the devices tab and then selecting your device. If you have only one device, you will see it instead of x devices.

Access Device Tab

5. Choose the tabs (Summary, Info, Apps, Tones, Music, TV Shows, Podcasts) along the top of iTunes to make changes to your device. To sync via Wi-Fi, check the tab as shown below. You must then click apply (bottom right) to make changes.iTunes Sync Tabs

6. To arrange apps on your iPad via iTunes, select the Apps tab and move the apps around to the screen location you want. This was explained on an older post.

iTunes Arrange Apps

In sum, although the way in which you initially access the tabs to make changes to your iOS device via iTunes has changed, the method of implementing the changes once you access the tabs has not.


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