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Oceanscapes – Take Me Away

Are you looking for some serene and calming ocean views to relax you at this time of year? Try the free Shizen: Oceanscapes app for your iPad.

iPad Screenshot 1

From the company that created the popular OS X App My Living Desktop comes the app that allows you to play, hear and watch ocean and other calming scenes.

Although the app comes with 2 free scenes, you can make in app purchases of additional scenes.

iPad Screenshot 3

The developer describes the app as follows:

Shizen: Oceanscapes is your portal to never-ending video scenes of natural beauty. Just turn it on and relax. Choose from various striking natural settings. Stay there as long as you like, while you work, while you play. There are no distractions. No popups, no ads. It’s the perfect antidote to the stress of modern life.

All the videos are professionally shot in high definition with stereo sound. They look fantastic on the iPad and iPhone, and are truly amazing on a retina display. These oceanscapes are not time-lapsed. They are immersive environments that use video and audio to create a unique experience. This makes it easy to transport yourself to exotic places from wherever you are.

Shizen includes two free scenes, and the remaining eight can easily be unlocked via in-app purchase, with no additional downloads. This is the first in a series of Shizen apps to transport you to all sorts of beautiful places. Look for our future offerings in the app store.


At a glance:

• High-definition immersive videos
• Two free scenes, eight more via in-app purchase
• Great for meditating, being creative, doing chores, entertaining
• All scenes come in wide-screen and full-screen
• Shizen is Japanese for Nature


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