Pocket Informant – Improvements Keep Coming

The latest update to Pocket Informant Pro (2.62) continues improvements and support for devices running iOS 5 & 6 in several important areas:

-Improved interface in many areas
-iOS Reminders Support for both iOS 5 & 6
-A new Setup Assistant that makes it easy to set up PI right away
-Task Smart Filters can now use relative dates
-Contact Group support

Pocket Informant came out a long time ago when the concept of seamlessly connecting to dos, calendar events, notes and contacts was just on the horizon for iOS devices. The app has grown in stability and ease of use. It can sync your information with various services like Desktop Outlook, Google Calendar, Google Tasks and its own sync service.

iPad Screenshot 2

Importantly, you can now work smoothly with your Reminders, iCal events and contacts. This allows you to create Reminders from within the app that will sync to your Mac or other iOS device that syncs with the service.

iPad Screenshot 1

From the initial set up assistant to the iBook manual, the developer seems to work hard to make it as smooth as possible for you to gather all of what you need to plan your schedule and life from within this app. You can download the iBooks Manual for your iOS device of the PDF Manual to learn more. The manuals are about 15-20 MB so you may want a Wi-Fi connection for the download.

The video review below is about 10 minutes and runs through many of the features.

If you have been considering organizing your life through one app, look into this app. More information can be found on the company web site.


4 thoughts on “Pocket Informant – Improvements Keep Coming

  1. If I have pocket informant, for my iPhone 4S do I need to buy a nother pocket informant for my iPad mini? Also can I sync my iPad mini informant (If I need to purchase one for the iPad) with my iPhone 4S and informant? Another question, Will Informant sync with Microsoft outlook? And if I need to purchase the pocket format for my iPad what is the best one to purchase is it the $14.99 one

    1. If the app is purchased from the same iTunes account, you should be able to use an app on up to 5 devices. (Check with Apple on the exact number). If the app is designed to work only on a phone, it may only work in 2x mode on the iPad or iPad Mini.
      As to your Pocket Informant question, contact the developer or check out the forums page and post a question. The sync possibilities are briefly addressed here.

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