Scan Plans for the New Year?

Have you said to yourself “This year, I am going to scan to get rid of all that unnecessary paper!” ?

Macworld has just published an article pitting 2 different document scanners against each other. In Document Scanner Showdown: NeatDesk versus SnapScan iX500, the author suggests that scanning is more than just the hardware or software you use, but rather the combination is what matters.

Although one may quibble about what is the better equipment or software, the truth is getting into the pattern of scanning and actually scanning is 2/3 of what matters.

For a thoughtful and thorough discussion of going paperless, read David Sparks blog on the subject – then, buy his iBook. It includes 32 screencasts that walk you through the process and thinking behind scanning and organizing the materials you convert to electronic format.

There is a free book from iTunes called “Going Paperless Electronic Document Organization & Presentation” that you may want to review as well.

In short, if you want to be paperless (as possible), you must begin the process of scanning, organizing and filing electronically. You need to start capturing your paper electronically and storing it electronically. Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or scanner, the steps are basically the same. The only thing stopping you from going paperless is you.


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