GTD and OmniFocus 2.0 for Mac

Use this time in the beginning of the year to review how you want to become organized and take the first step – buy an app and start dumping out of your mind and off of all the various lists you have a master list of things you want to get done.

Once you have accomplished that, you have taken a big step on the path to organization. You must force yourself to add tasks to that list and review it regularly. No app can make you enter the tasks, they can help you organize and act on them.

On January 31, OmniGroup will be showing off the update to their Mac program OmniFocus. (It is not going to be released that day, only debuting to the public.)

According to the CEO of OmniGroup, “if you’re looking at purchasing the Mac app, it would be quite reasonable to wait until after the OmniFocus 2 debut so you know what’s coming before you make a decision. To make that wait easier for everyone, we’ve decided to post a temporary license key so you can all use the app between now and then without having to make a purchase:”

License Owner: Waiting for OmniFocus 2


The current Mac app allows for you to enter, organize and review your todo items.

No matter which app you are considering to help you organize, you should reflect on the model used by OmniFocus – enter your information on one device and it appears on the other devices you use. Cross off an item as done on one device, it is gone from the others. The OmniFocus cloud model appears below.

No matter which app you may be considering or using to (help) organize your life, make sure you review the ability of the app to capture information on one device and seamlessly sync it to another device or the web. Find out if the app has a sister or compatible app on another device you may need to access to enter or delete information.

As pointed out previously, Apple has placed several of the Mac apps for organizing on sale. Look at see if there are compatible iOS apps so you can organize on whatever device you are using.


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