Air Keyboard – Free for Limited Time

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An interesting app that allows your iPad to act as a wireless keyboard and mouse for your computer is free for a limited time. Air Keyboard: Remote Mouse, Touch Pad and Custom Keyboard for your PC or Mac allows you to enjoy a wide low-latency touch pad, native iPad keyboard, full-size computer keyboard with 88 keys or create your own .

iPad Screenshot 1
You can create keyboard layouts by yourself for your own needs. Clone existing layout or create it from scratch, add touch pad or buttons of any size to any position and assign keys or hotkeys to them.

This handfull app allows you to:
– Use your iPad for presentations, controlling your desktop from any WiFi-connected part of an area
– Play games sitting in a comfortable position
– Control your PC- or Mac-based home cinema distantly when resting on your sofa.

To use this app, you also have to install “Air Keyboard” PC- or Mac-version application to your computer and run it. Visit to download it.



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