Outline+ OneNote Notebooks for iPad

Outline+ icon

If you have been looking for a way to read and edit OneNote documents on your iPad, you need to get Outline+. This app allows you to “quickly capture new ideas, build a concept map, create to-do lists and search all your content and sync it with OneNote via Dropbox secure cloud or iTunes.”

There is a free version of this app called Outline with a limitation of 30 pages and without Dropbox sync.

iPad Screenshot 1

Watch a trailer showing the app in use .

You can read, edit and create OneNote 2010/2013 versions and read OneNote 2007. Learn more about compatibility here.

There is a rich text editor with built in styles to enable you to create better notes.

Rich text editor of OneNote files for iPad

You can import items from your camera roll and create new notebooks.

Microsoft does have OneNote for iPad available for free but you are limited to 500 notes.

iPad Screenshot 4

Mark up your notes by drawing, annotating with a pen or highlighter and automatically highlight text as you draw over it.

In terms of sharing your work, you can export pages as a PDF or email a page from within the app.

If you have been waiting for a OneNote app to make your iPad purchase worth it, check out Oultine+.


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