ACTPrinter for Mac – Free Today


From the makers of Houdah Software apps for the Mac (HoudahGeo, Houdah Spot, Tembo) comes an app that allows you to print virtually from your Mac or PC to your iOS device: ACTPrinter – Virtual Printer.

After installing the iOS app, you need to install the app for your Mac or PC from the Houdah web site. Once the app is running on your computer, make sure your computer is connected to the same wireless network as your iOS device and both are running.

On your Mac, run the app ACTPrinter for Mac. You will see a window that shows you what iOS device is available. Then, you can drag and drop PDFs or other documents that are allowed.

ACTPrinter for Mac Window

If you are running any other program that allows you to print a document, you can Print to PDF and choose Print using ACTPrinter.

iPad Screenshot 4

This is a super fast way to take documents on the go to review. One use of this app relates to paper tickets – you can get your tickets on your iOS device an avoid having to print and keep up with the paper.

iPad Screenshot 2

Once the documents are is on your iOS device, you can organize them. There was no editing available.

FAQ concerning the app are here.

For a small fee, you can purchase an in app scanner to allow you to take pictures of documents with your iOS device.

If you are looking for a quick way to review documents on the go without having to email or dropbox them, you should check out ACTPrinter.




2 thoughts on “ACTPrinter for Mac – Free Today

  1. This does one thing well. It works for a Mac and iOS device running Safari. It does not work at all on Windows and does not work for Google Chrome. I’ll keep using it on my Mac, but would suggest you wait to try it on other devices. Biggest advantage is your data is not stored on any server. It goes straight to your device.

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