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Apps Cost Money…So?


MacWorld published an interesting article A $5 app isn’t expensive: Customers need to help fix the App Store economy about apps and their cost to us.

“Of the top 20 best-selling iPhone apps, 15 of them cost $1; the priciest one costs $7. The average price of the top 100 paid apps in the App Store is less than $2.”

The article discusses the idea that we pay a good deal of money for our iOS device and then may use an app everyday. The surprise…many of us would rather tolerate seeing advertisements than pay $1 – $5 to get rid of the ad and reward the developer.

This weekend, while you may be preparing taxes (in the US) or sitting somewhere drinking a coffee while enjoying an app with ads, consider clicking to get rid of the ads and help the developer.

The point, spending a little money on an app you enjoy (and may share with others) has reciprocal benefits to you and the developer. The app will continue to improve and you will continue to enjoy…Win/Win.


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