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Legal Technology Issues Subject of April ABA Journal


[credit ABAJournal Illustration by Stephen Ravenscraft]

The April American Bar Association Journal has an interesting issue this month entitled The Mobile Lawyer. There are a several articles and topics related to high tech and legal issues. Not only is there an article about apps for lawyers, but there are several others related to technical considerations and electronic discovery.

Unlikely allies join in a push to require warrants for access to digital communications

Reality bytes: New ABA rules require you to get with tech program—like it or not

Cloudy opinions: Online activities are still in the Wild West of regulation

5 tech policies law firms should consider to prep for job departures

Predictive coding is on the rise in courts

Lax data security can cost you clients

Virtual law firm plans to multiply like magic

Set a schedule to dump useless info

Should hacked firms be cybercops?

As laws and the legal practice move forward to catch up with technology, so does the responsibility of lawyers to understand the ramifications for the good of the profession, clients and society.


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