iMashup – Mashup Remix Free Today

iMashup icon

Today, iMashup – Mashup Remix App is free. This app allows you to mix your music together in fun and unusual ways.

You can read about how to use iMash up here.

Create your own mashups and remixes. Experiment with your music collection see which songs are 100% harmonically-compatible.

iPad Screenshot 2

iMashup lets you

✔ Use music from your iPhone or iPad
✔ Beatmatch everything together using a pro DJ algorithm
✔ Make 100% harmonic mashups with no key clashes
✔ Create loops
✔ Copy and paste segments of a song
✔ Adjust the loudness of melodies, hihats and basslines in your songs
✔ Split the song into segments and move them around
✔ Sync with iTunes to export high-quality WAV files
✔ Share your results on Facebook, or just email the saved mashup to yourself

If you are into mixing your music, try out this app.


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