How to Create Shortcuts to Increase Productivity


Although there are apps that allow you to create shortcuts by typing a few letters to create a complete sentence, phrase, etc., there is also a built in way to do this as part of the iOS. The best part is that the shortcuts are universal – they apply no matter which app you are using.

Here’s how to add shortcuts.

In the Settings app, tap on General > Keyboard.

General Keyboard


From there, you have a couple of choices on editing and creating your shortcuts.

You can tap on “Edit” in the top right or tap on “Add New Shortcut…” at the lower part of the screen.

Shortcut Create


You can now enter shortcuts. One you may want to enter is your email address.

eml example


In the “Phrase” section, type in your email address. For the short cut, type eml. Tap “Save.”

Now, open notes or any other app and type “eml.” Your email address will replace the phrase eml.

Of course, you can add phrases you may frequently use when sending an SMS or email like:

btm – be there in a minute or

brt – be right there.

You can even add a sentence like:

gsy – Good seeing you today. I enjoyed discussing

and leave it blank so you can fill it in when you are in your mail app.

Obviously, you will need to pick a short cut that is not part of the beginning of words you may use because you will never be able to type those words without the shortcut kicking in.

Add a few phrases and see if your productivity increases!




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