Notes Plus Update Coming Soon

Notes Plus - Handwriting, Note Taking, Shape Drawing, and Sound Recording

Notesplus has just announced that it is in beta test phase for its next update to version 3.1.

If you are looking for a great tool to keep and organize handwritten notes, drawings and clippings from web pages, this app can do it all.

Check out the instructional videos to get a sense of the power of this app.


One thought on “Notes Plus Update Coming Soon

  1. I love this app. It’s the only reason I still have my ipad, though. Port this killer app to Android jelly bean! If not, I would love to see one or both of the following. 1) backup to Evernote or PDF so I can see my notes from my computer without having to remember to email them to myself.. 2) recordings tied to the note so I can play a recording that goes with the notes I just found without having to hunt for two things.

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