Circus Ponies Notebook Updated

Circus Ponies Notebook


Circus Ponies Notebook app has been updated.

The updates include the following:

  • Fixed a bug where e-mailing a page would leave out items if there was a selection.
  • Fixed some issues with Retina artwork.
  • Made a change with stickies to fix problem with sticky notes remaining on the screen from previous pages or Notebooks.
  • Fixed a problem with printing page ranges.
  • Fixed a problem caused by switching to the MyNotebooks view while editing a sticky note.
  • Note: NoteBook for iPad 3.1.5 or higher is required to continue syncing your Notebooks via Dropbox. Dropbox will block previous versions of NoteBook for iPad from accessing your Dropbox account.

iPad Screenshot 1

If you have been looking for a Notebook like app to keep, store and access information, like class notes, try this app. The tools you need to gather your thoughts are instantly available so you can capture the thoughts you have.

iPad Screenshot 4

You can diagram, sketch and mark up PDFs too.

iPad Screenshot 2

Read more about the app here.


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