Drafts for iPad update

Drafts icon

Drafts for iPad issued a new release with several fixes and changes.

The idea of the app is simple – enter a thought, idea, or text in Draft and from there send it to where you want it to go e.g. omni focus, mail, twitter, Facebook, message, reminder, etc.

iPad Screenshot 1

The app allows you to easily dump ideas in one place so you can sort and act on them without having to open several different apps and enter different information.

iPad Screenshot 3

Settings – Manage Actions

Once you get this app, the first thing to do is go to the preferences to manage your actions. Tap on the gear icon > manage actions and then arrange the order of the various apps and actions you want to send your thoughts to.

You can also create custom actions that allow you to send your thought and pre-propulate certain fields to save even more time.

For example, create a custom action for email to certain co-workers or friends. This action can automatically email or copy certain people with a defined subject line and predefined text. You can drop in current clipboard contents, date and time and more. You can create multiple email actions.

So, you can choose a family action email that might look different than a business email action by populating your signature and title differently.

Textexpander is also supported. However, with the ability to create so many custom actions, you may not need that additional app.


Though the initial setup (which is minimal) should be done to customize your work flow, once you start thinking of ways to funnel all of your thoughts through this app, you will save a bunch of time.

Do not hesitate to download and use this app.


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