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Spotdox Free for first 10,000


Spotdox is a new service is  that connects dropbox to your Mac allowing you to access any file on your mac from an iOS device.

Dropbox only gives you access to files within your Dropbox folder. Spotdox allows you to browse, copy, and send ANY file or folder on your computer to anyone, anywhere.

Spotdox is accessible from any smartphone using a web app or via desktop by simply logging in via the website, and logging into your dropbox account.

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You need to install and run the OS X application Spotdox and login to dropbox. Once your dropbox is linked to Spotdox, you are set up.

  1. You can see any file on your computer. If you want to access this file or folder, you need to copy the file or folder to your Dropbox account. This will allow you to edit, share, or download the file as you see fit.
  2. If you want to move files from your Dropbox onto your Mac, simply browse to your Dropbox files and select a file or folder and press ‘Move out of Dropbox’. The files will be in your downloads folder on your Mac, organized for you by download date.

Macworld had an article on this service a few weeks ago. However, an email I got today stated that the first 10,000 to sign up got the service for free. If you are interested, sign up now.


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