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TextExpander 2.0 Released

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SmileOnMyMac has released TextExpander 2.0.

This app allows you to create a library of abbreviation shortcuts for snippets of text used frequently. These can be URLs, addresses, signatures, replies, etc. When you type the short abbreviation, TextExpander fills the space with the memorized fully expanded snippet.

You can use your TextExpander touch snippets directly in over 150 apps that support it, including OmniFocus, Things, iA Writer, DayOne, Drafts, Byword, Notesy, Elements, BlogPad Pro, Launch Center Pro, and WriteRoom. See for a complete list.

iPad Screenshot 2

If you use TextExpander on your Mac, you can share snippet groups with iOS devices over your local network or Dropbox.

Version 2:

– Adds support for fill-in snippets
– Adds formatted snippet and note text on iOS 6.0 and later via “Format…” menu item
– Copy and Send Email actions support formatted text
– Adds an “Insert…” menu item for macros such as date, time, clipboard contents, and fill-ins
– Supports renaming and duplication of snippet groups
– Displays alerts for conflicting snippet abbreviations and duplicate snippets; adds handling to resolve conflicts and eliminate duplicates
– Supports %\ selection range macro (ie. %| select this text %\ )
– Spins the network indicator during Dropbox operations
– Key macros (Enter, Esc, Return, Tab) are handled more gracefully
– Fixes orientation and keyboard exposure issues
– Fixes numerous minor bugs


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