PDFpen for iPad Update and Review

PDFpen for iPad

A terrific app for managing, editing and reviewing your PDFs has just been updated to version 1.5.4. PDFpen for iPad is a pdf editing app and more.

Share and Organize

You can retrieve and save your PDFs with services like Dropbox, Evernote, Box and Google Docs. Pass your PDFs between your Mac and iPad using iCloud too if you purchase the Mac application via the Mac App Store.

iPad Screenshot 1

You can even create and drop related PDFs into folders. Sharing them via email is easy as well – tap and share via email. You can also send/share the PDFs via WebDAV, Dropbox or other similar services.


One of the neat features of this app is the ability to reorder your PDF. Simply drag and drop pages into the order you want. There are several ways to import the PDF into the app. If you receive an email with a PDF, simply tap and hold on top of the PDF and select to open with PDFpen for iPad. You can even insert new pages into your PDF, save and share.

iPad Screenshot 5


There are many ways to annotate and highlight the PDF. Not only can you choose various highlighters that select the text in one of many colors you choose, but you can underline in straight or squiggly lines in many colors as well.

iPad Screenshot 3

You can also add notes, shapes and strike through text as well.


If you need to fill out PDF forms, job applications and leases, this app can add the changes and send them off via email.

iPad Screenshot 2


You can watch a screencast of the app in action done by David Sparks below.


Features include: (PDFpen for iPad require iOS 5 or later)

With PDFpen for iPad, you get the PDF editing power of PDFpen that goes where you go, including:

  • Read and edit PDF documents on your iPad
  • Store documents in iCloud and on Dropbox for sharing and synchronizing between devices
  • Add text, images and signatures to PDFs
  • Correct text in original PDF with editable text blocks
  • Move, resize, copy and delete images in original PDF
  • Import images from your Photo Library
  • Save frequently-used images, signatures, objects and text for reuse
  • Fill out PDF forms
  • Add notes, comments, and freehand scribbles
  • Draw lines, arrows, rectangles, ellipses and polygons
  • Mark up documents with highlighting, underscoring and strikethrough; proofreading symbol collection included
  • Copy, combine, rename and delete files
  • Thumbnail view sidebar for easy skimming
  • Email PDF files
  • Retrieve and save PDFs directly with Dropbox, Evernote, Box and Google Docs; share PDFs with a computer via Wi-Fi; transfer files using iTunes, FTP, and WebDAV
  • Supports Jot Touch, and Jaja Stylus and Pogo Connect pressure sensitive styluses.


If you are looking for a workhorse app to handle your PDFs made by responsive developers, look no further than PDFpen for iPad.


One thought on “PDFpen for iPad Update and Review

  1. I’ve just purchased PDFpen for iPad. I love it. Only one BIG thing is missing: After adding some mark up to my PDF, it’s not possible to display a list of all mark up so I can jump to one quickly. I can’t believe that this feature is not include since most of other App includes this feature.

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