UX Write iPad Word Processor FREE (Limited Time) [Update – Free promotion appears over]

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In an interesting twist, UX Write iPad Word Processor, an app that normally costs about $24 is downloadable for free until June 10.

[UPDATE: Although the developer had the promotion running at the original time of this post, it appears that the developer has since removed the free promotion. The concern expressed about the “scam” that caused the app to be free is still addressed on the developer’s blog here.]

iPad Screenshot 3

The developer states: “*** Special offer: Since there are multiple “developers” currently selling pirated copies of UX Write on the app store, we’ve decided to undercut them and run a five-day special where you can get the app for free. Normally $24.99, you can now get the *genuine* version of UX Write for even less than the bootleg copies! Offer ends 10th June. ***” You can read more about the developer’s frustration with what he calls pirated copies here.

Watch a quick video of some of the amazing features of this full fledged word processor.

The developer lists some of the features included in this word processing app as follows:

• Read & write Microsoft Word (.docx only, *NOT* .doc)
• Read & write HTML5
• Write Adobe PDF
• Print directly from your iPhone/iPad with Apple AirPrint
• Email documents in Word, HTML5, and PDF formats
• Secure, fully automatic Dropbox and WebDAV synchronization

• Work seamlessly between UX Write and Microsoft Word with the *best* .docx support on the iPad
• Reflowable text (like e-books and web pages) that automatically adapts to your screen size & orientation
• View text comfortably at your preferred size, without changing document formatting
• Works perfectly offline – no internet connection required
• *Bluetooth keyboard* support, including all shortcuts
• Enhanced on-screen keyboard and “virtual trackpad” for convenient editing
• Enhanced auto-correct takes the headache out of typos
• Preview and restore old versions of documents stored on Dropbox!
• Styles for quick, consistent formatting across your documents
• Headings, lists, tables, and figures
• Outline view and editing for quickly navigating and restructuring large documents
• Automatic numbering, cross-references, table of contents, list of figures & tables

If you were looking for a word processing app that performs incredibly well and want a bargain price, check out UX Write – iPad Word Processor.


11 thoughts on “UX Write iPad Word Processor FREE (Limited Time) [Update – Free promotion appears over]

  1. ipad app is still showing up at full price on Aust. app store.
    is it going to be free as posted?

    1. Pretty much, yeah.

      It’s been an interesting day.

      At least it’s hopefully brought a bit of attention to the issue of piracy on the app store, which was the main point of the exercise. I haven’t seen much recognition of this problem among the iOS community, and it’s really something that needs to be fixed – in the interest of both end-users and developers.

    2. Thanks a lot for the support Chris. I feel very sorry about the confusion this has caused and hope I haven’t upset too many people in the process. The piracy thing is a very difficult situation to deal with, and it’s the first time I’ve experienced having my code ripped off wholesale and sold by someone else. To Apple’s credit, the people I’ve spoken to about it there have been very understanding; it’s just the process seems quite slow and ineffective.

      I’ve been encouraged by the level of interest in the app however, and have received a lot of useful feedback. I’m currently looking at options to better cater for a wider range of users with regards to pricing and features, including improved language support. I’ll announce details once I’ve completed further research into this and figured out where the best way to go from here is. I’m definitely keen on any feedback from existing and potential users regarding this.

      I’m flying out to the US tonight for WWDC and really looking forward to hearing from other developers about about their own experiences in this area.

  2. HI Guys

    Still at $25.99 on the Store today – 6th June?
    Just thought you should know.

    Kind Regards

    Steve Carter
    Science and
    Learning Technologies Officer RE & CS
    Catholic Education Office
    Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn
    P (02) 62345588
    M 0457527577
    “The Future Starts Today, Not Tomorrow” John Paul II

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