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Outline+ Update

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Outline+, an app that lets you read and write OneNote files on your iPad, has been updated to version 2.5.


The new update integrates Skydrive syncing, support of external keyboards and other improvements and fixes.

iPad Screenshot 5

According to the developer, the steps to get your SkyDrive notebooks on your iPad are as follows:

Just select SkyDrive in the “Import From” menu.

open from SkyDrive

The app will ask you for your credentials. Once you enter your user name and password, the app will encrypt them and store securely on your device. You can delete them anytime later by ‘unlinking’ your SkyDrive account.

'unlink' your SkyDrive

Now you should see all your notebooks in SkyDrive. See those blue dudes icon on the right side? It shows that your notebook is shared with someone. Opened notebook indicates that you already have that notebook in Outline.

share your notebooks

Once you select your notebook your synchronization will start and you will see all your notes as they were on PC or your iPad! Initial sync can take some time, especially for the large notebooks, so please be patient.

And that is not all. Now if you make any changes to the large section on PC, onlyrecent changes will be downloaded to your iPad. This makes the continuous work on the frequently edited notebook easy and fast. If Outline meets conflicting changes (changes you make on the same page on iPad and on PC) it will merge them.

SkyDrive, just like DropBox, keeps deleted files, so if you accidentally removed some section, you will be able to restore it on the SkyDrive web site. Click on ‘Recycle Bin’ link in the bottom left corner to see your recently deleted file.

restore your sections

As always we urge you to configure backups in OneNote if you did not do that yet. Here is the good guide how to do that:

There are two version of the Outline app, a free Outline app and a + version. The + version of the app allows you to sync with OneNote via USB, Wi-Fi and Dropbox. The price of the + app is $14.99.

The free version of Outline has limitations on the number of pages you can create (30) and you are only able to sync with OneNote via USB.

If you have questions about using the app, check out their FAQ help page.


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