Ignition Remote Access App Updated

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Ignition is an app that runs on your iPhone and iPad and works with LogMeIn software on your computers (Mac or PC). Using the app, you can remotely control your computer and accomplish other tasks.

The app was updated to version 3.3.2119.

The Key Features identified by the developer are.
• Remote access to all your computers, files and applications
• File manager for transferring files remotely and saving files to your device
• Wake-On-Lan for waking a sleeping computer remotely
• Print to AirPrint-compatible printers
• Attach files to emails directly from Ignition
• Photo management for transferring photos from/to photo library
• HD video and sound streaming from your remote computer to your mobile device (available for Windows, Mac coming soon)
• My Cloud Bank integration that links Ignition with popular cloud services.

iPad Screenshot 3

The various fixes and updates include:

– Cubby is now in the app! Go to My Cloud Bank and tap the Cubby logo to access 5 GB of free cloud space. No additional subscription required!
– The login page has a new look
– We now refer to your LogMeIn account email as a LogMeIn ID; you can use it to log in to LogMeIn.com, join.me and cubby.com
– The app now generates less network traffic
– If the computer you are controlling uses a transparent cursor, the app now displays the cursor more accurately
– The app now supports Basic Authorization Proxy and PAC Proxy
– When you restart the app, we remember your previously opened cloud services
– During remote control, you’ll find an on/off switch for Remote Sound under remote control settings (the gear icon)
– Anything typed on your iPhone/iPad keyboard will appear on the host exactly as entered, even if the PC or Mac uses a different keyboard layout than your iPhone/iPad (you may need to update LogMeIn on your PC or Mac).
– For Windows users, we’ve added an optional feature called Focus Tracking that automatically places the most recently opened window in the center of your iPhone/iPad screen
– We made various bug fixes

You can read more about the remote access here or read the User Guide.

If you need to remotely access your computer on the go from your iOS device, this Ignition may be the app for you.


One thought on “Ignition Remote Access App Updated

  1. Yeah, I have used LogMeIn Ignition — full disclosure and it works well. But now I have gone with RHUB`s remote support servers as I deal with very sensitive info. It is fortknox.

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