MagicalPad 3 for iPad Released


MagicalPad for iPad has been radically updated to version 3.0 and is now free. There are in app purchases to add additional features like unlimited notebooks, mind mapping and certain sharing features.

iPad Screenshot 3

This freeform organizer is a great way to brainstorm. You can create lists, mind maps, draw, add photos and organize information on a whiteboard that expands to whatever size you need.

iPad Screenshot 4

You can organize by notebook and share your work.

Features include:

** Full-featured Note-taking & Authoring **
Features like advanced styling, outlining, diagrams / mind-maps, text-boxes, photos and drawings are the perfect tools to get the job done quickly and beautifully.

** Connected Notes **
Connect your notes handwritings, photos and ideas. Redefining the way you take, organize and view notes. Freely capture and manage content in the page or edit each note or outline item as a stand-alone note, and then close it to see the big picture. Attach multiple photos and drawings to each element. Drag and drop to freely organize any element on the page, zoom in on the details, and zoom out to see the whole story.

** Drawing doodling & handwriting **
Create retina handwritten paper notes sketches and diagrams. Draw concepts, write formulas, or quickly jot down a name and phone number. Flexible formatting and retina scale drawing; once you’re done put it in context within your page, connect it to other ideas; add notes, photos and more drawings to it. Beautiful Notes with Paper Inside®.

iPad Screenshot 5
** Media Insertion **
Enhance your notes by adding pictures from your photo library or from the iPad camera. Insert drawings to compliment your notes, resize, and draw on images to make them perfect. Add notes, attach related drawings and photos and connect to others.

** The most versatile All-in-One Productivity App on the App Store **
MagicalPad is the first and only free-form outliner app that marries outlining, mind mapping, note-taking, drawing and media all on the same page. Organize your notes and ideas in dynamically expanding pages and organize your projects in different customizable notebooks.

** Multiple Flexible Sharing Options **
Share your meeting notes, class notes, or just your doodles with friends and family. Share via Twitter, Facebook or email. Export multiple file formats to Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive. Import and exchange files with other apps.
Exchanged formats include: PDF, JPEG, RTF, TXT, OPML and MagicalPad (MPX).

Watch the app in action below.

[According to the developer, prior owners should have the inapp features included in the upgrade. Before you update,  open the default notebook first in the prior version. In my own experience, this makes the update process work as expected.]

The developer also notes MagicalPad will be available for: Mac, iPhone and iPod touch this fall.


If you are looking for an outlining, organizational whiteboard for your iPad, get this app!


2 thoughts on “MagicalPad 3 for iPad Released

  1. Did the Developer do any QC on this Update before it was released? How can they release an Update without a User Manual, especially for an App with so many features? The Note Taking feature is very limited. No Wristguard or Zoom Feature. I could go on but I’m still attempting to figure out the improved UI. It does not appear very intuitive to me. I almost wish that I did not update. The previous version worked fine. The only positve thing that I can report is that my previous Notebook and its contents are still intact.

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