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Existing MagicalPad Customers – In App Purchases Free for Limited Time



According to the developer, for existing customers of MagicalPad (Pre 3.0), you can, for a limited time, make sure the updated app includes all of the in-app purchases for free.

iPad Screenshot 3

The developer states:

*** IMPORTANT *** Existing users who were asked to buy in-app purchases can now buy the Essentials Package (everything) for FREE for a limited time. If you are not promoted to buy when you access mind mapping, insert photos, and other tools, this means that your app is unlocked already. You are all set, no further action is required.

*** This is for a limited time only July 2nd till July 5th.

Here is what you need to do *** if you get prompted to buy an in-app. ***
Tap on insert photo or any other in-app add-on.
From the in-app window, tap on “Included in the Essentials Package” text to go to the essentials package in-app page. Tap on buy for $0, complete the free purchase. This will unlock everything in the app.

If you don’t act within this period, then you have to pay for in-apps after that. We can’t keep it free as new users also get it for free.

The MagicalPad app is a good whiteboard organizer for all kinds of projects and ideas.


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