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MacJournal for iPad Update

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MacJournal for iPad was updated to version 1.6. The new update has the following enhancements or improvements:

– Support for editing Dropbox documents offline
– Support for editing styles in entries (including font sizes, styles, and colors)
– Enhanced PDF support
– Added more metadata for entries
– Support for TextExpander 2
– Added Japanese localization

iPad Screenshot 1

The developer describes the app as follows:

MacJournal for iPad allows users to organize, chronicle and edit any life event using the same look and feel as the desktop version. Unlike other journaling apps, MacJournal offers the ability for users to blog to many of the popular servers such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous as well as being able to download existing entries. Use MacJournal on its own or share your MacJournal data over the cloud with your other Mac OS and iOS devices. Even share documents via iTunes. Whichever way, MacJournal has you covered.

MacJournal for iPad features include:
-Create entries in multiple journals
-Attach images to your entries
-Edit styles in entries (including font sizes, styles, and colors)
-Manage multiple MacJournal documents, that can reside on your device, on DropBox or on iCloud
-Share entries to Facebook and Twitter
-Create entries in multiple journals
-Lock MacJournal to require a pass code for security
-Search or browse entries using the search field
-Customize the display of journals and entries
-Journal in either landscape or portrait mode
-Organize journals using Smart Journals

You can watch the app in action here.



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