GTD – OmniFocus for iPhone

OmniFocus2 for iPhone icon

One of the updated apps that has been released to take advantage of iOS7 is OmniFocus for iPhone. Although this is not specifically designed to run on an iPad, it can sync with your iPad or Mac.

This app is a GTD (Getting Things Done) type of app. It is designed to quickly capture your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations and then help you process them into actionable to do items.

OmniFocus 2 for iPhone sports a brand new look just for iOS 7, and a new, uniform color set so you always know what you’re looking at. Enter multiple actions even faster with Save+. At-a-glance Summary Dots and a peek at your Forecast on the home screen make every glance more informative. With iOS 7’s Background App Refresh, syncing happens in the background. Find important actions with Search Anywhere, and get more done with OmniFocus 2.

A comparison of the features and various versions of OmniFocus is provided below.

Features Mac iPad iPhone
Quick Entry X X X
View bar X X X
Reliable Syncing X X X
Recurring Actions X X X
Siri Capture X X
Review Mode X X
Location-based Alerts X X
Forecast Mode X X
Calendar Integration X X X
Attachment Support X X X
Custom Perspectives X
Exporting X

The iPad version has not yet been updated to take full advantage of iOS7.

You can view the iPad version in use below.

OmniFocus 2 main screenshot

The Omni Group has been working on updating OmniFocus for Mac. This was discussed in a blog post in February of 2013.


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