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Now that you are playing around with your new iPad, maybe you are thinking about a keyboard. If you want to be really high-tech, try out the Brookstone Virtual Keyboard.

This mini device projects a laser image of a keyboard on a flat surface and pairs via blue tooth to your device. Just tap the keys and you are typing on your mobile device.

Main Product Image

You can charge the li-ion battery via a USB cable and can even fit it on your keychain. The battery is supposed to last up to 2 full typing hours.

As you type, you hear the sound of a tap for each key you touch. You can adjust the sound level and brightness of the keyboard. It is supposed to work with your laptop (with the proper drivers for PCs). With a Mac, you can use it as a keyboard via Blue Tooth. You will see the device as Brookstone VK (or something similar). You will still need to go through the Bluetooth keyboard set up steps as you would with any other keyboard to make it work with your Mac.

The device supports a virtual  mouse mode that works with devices other than iOS devices. Do not count on it working with your Mac (it may, but do not count on it).

You can read the manual before you purchase the device to see if your questions are answered.

Because it projects a laser image, serious consideration should be given before you give one of these to a child. For $99, you may really enjoy toting one of these around. The device does work on flat surfaces and quickly pairs via Bluetooth. If you have a desk or surface with a glass top, be aware that it may not perform as expected.


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