Taskpaper iOS To Do App Free for limited time

TaskPaper — Simple to-do lists

Taskpaper, regularly $4.99 has been listed for free (for a limited time only).

According to the developer, “TaskPaper is a surprisingly adept to-do list with a paper-like user experience. Other to-do apps start with a database and build up; TaskPaper starts with a sheet of paper and builds down.

• Paper-like user experience.
• Powerful search and filtering.
• Untethered sync to Dropbox.com”

iPad Screenshot 3

The iOS beta version can be see running on an iPhone here although a number of things have changed since the beta version.

There is a Mac version of the app as well. You can watch the Mac app in use below.

As the new year approaches, you may be looking for a things to do list manager to help you organize. This app may be for you. The developer candidly states that there are other options including OmniFocus or Things.


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