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TechnoLawyer E-Discovery Guide Available

LitigationWorld Quick Start Guide to Mastering Ediscovery

As e-discovery becomes more and more prolific, knowing what it means and what it is about becomes more important.

There is a free PDF that addresses ediscovery available from Technolawyer if you sign up for free. You can download the PDF and keep it on your iPad for easy reference.

  • Here’s the Table of Contents:
  • 1. The Knowledge Gap and How We Got Here
  • 2. How Computers Work and Why You Should Care
  • 3. Bits, Bytes, and the Building Blocks of ESI
  • 4. How Computers Store (Discoverable) Data
  • 5. The “Discovery” in Ediscovery
  • 6. ESI Complexities: Potential Evidence Versus Form of Production
  • 7. Why You Must Speak Geek About Storage Technologies
  • 8. True Ediscovery Mastery

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