Easy Annotate – Side by Side Annotate App

easy annotate on app store

Although other apps have offered the ability to annotate or mark up PDFs, Easy Annotate is one of the few, if only, app that allows side by side editing of PDFs.

iPad Screenshot 5

You can learn more about the app on the Easy Annotate web site and watch the video below.

The developer describes the app’s features as follows:

– Side-by-side Editing
– Linking PDFs
– Full Dropbox support
– Annotate (highlight, underline, cross-out, draw)
– Print, mail, export
– Easy to use interface

iPad Screenshot 1

So, if you are interested in having the ability to view and annotate PDFs side by side, you should check out this app.


4 thoughts on “Easy Annotate – Side by Side Annotate App

  1. UPDATE 1.7:
    * Splitscreen in portrait mode
    * Send linked PDFs with working links
    * Option to add new empty PDFs for notes
    * Resize the splitscreen (adjust the size of the two PDFs)
    * One-page view in landscape (auto-resize a page to use fullscreen)

    * Google Drive support

  2. UPDATE 2.0:
    * Greatly improved annotating menu
    * Greatly improved settings menu
    * Google Drive support
    * WebDAV support

    Ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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