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Apple IT Deployment Becoming Easier

IT Deployment

Apple continues to work hard to help large orgnaizations make it easier for employees, students and others to work with iOS devices. Individuals who bring their own devices (BYOD) can self-enroll by accepting an MDM installation profile on their device.

According to Apple, “Progressive IT organizations worldwide are prioritizing productivity and innovation by empowering employees with iPhone and iPad. Apple provides comprehensive tools to manage iOS devices on corporate networks so IT can focus on helping their employees transform how they work.”

Apple has an iOS enterprise deployment overview document and technical reference document available to help get an organization started and access detailed technical information.

(credit Apple)

Technologies like mail, calendar, contacts, secure network access and more can be quickly implemented on devices without the IT department having to program each device individually.

Once devices have been set up, additional content and updates can be delivered via Wi-Fi updates locally using Caching Server 2 in OS X Server.

(credit Apple)

If you are in charge of or work for an organization that needs to know more about deploying iOS devices, Apple is working to make it easier for you to set up and manage iOS devices.


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