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More OneNote Information

MicroSoft has released OneNote for Mac and has created a video to show it in use.

A blog post explains some of the various features.


The features various from syncing notes on all your devices, to sharing notes with others, to collaborating with others via syncing changes using OneDrive.


You can even email a specific page to others.

iPad Screenshot 4

If you enjoy this app on you should check out the iPad app version of OneNote for iPad.


One thought on “More OneNote Information

  1. This application has lots of potential. However, the Mac app crashes about eight seconds after launch. This happened after I downloaded the IOS apps. They do work and sync properly. I tried deleting the Mac app and reinstalling it. I did this three times. Tried rebooting. Tried reinstalling OneDrive. Same story. Notebooks appear on both iPad and iPhone and also on the web site. There seems to be a lot of chatter on the community forum regarding this issue. No resolution yet.

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