TrialPad Upgrade Updated

TrialPad 4 icon

TrialPad for iPad has not only recently been upgraded to version 4.0 but recently that was updated as well. If you own a previous version, you will need to pay the upgrade price of $89.99.

If you are looking to organize and present information at a trial or motion (and you are or can become comfortable with the technology needed to present the information on an iPad), get this app.

The 4.0.13 version update includes:

– Addressed an issue with importing case folders from TrialPad 3.1.3 with notes on the case folders.
– Addressed a conflict authorizing Dropbox with TranscriptPad, for users who have both TrialPad and TranscriptPad installed.
– Addressed an issue where the Documents list would sometimes not scroll to the end after the keyboard appears for a search.
– Addressed an issue where the search count would not show on folders during a case-wide text search.
– Addressed an issue where exporting Key Docs to iTunes would only export the first page.
– Addressed an issue where navigating into a folder would not show its contents until you switch tabs.
– Addressed an issue importing zip files.
– Added feedback in the registration dialog, indicating if you are already registered.
– Performance improvements when opening large cases.

This app combines the concept of a trial notebook with a mobile presentation system.



You can pre-load or link the app to various services like Dropbox to load documents, videos and other images related to a file.



Once the app has access to the files, you can then sort and organize those materials using an intuitive folder structure. Once the materials are in the folder, you can then tap on individual documents to “present” via a projector or similar device.


The app takes some getting used to. Like any app or technology, do not attempt to use it for the first time in Court. This app is a great way to organize information and document as well as highlight evidence, documents and video for a jury and a judge during a motion hearing.

If you have been looking for a product that can help you organize and present information in Court, consider this app and make sure you practice connected to the projector before any live performance.



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