OmniFocus 2 for Mac Released

omnifocus 2 mac icon

Today, OmniFocus 2 for Mac was released. There are two flavors regular and professional. The Professional version provides you with some additional functions like the perspective view, custom perspectives and applescript support.

The price difference between regular and pro is as follows: $39.99 v. $79.99. There is upgrade pricing if you own OmniFocus 1.

If you are a GTD person and use a Mac, you should check out this new advanced software. (As of the time this is being written, the OmniGroup store is so busy, it is hanging).

Meanwhile, if you want to see the app in action, head over to Screencastsonline to watch Don McAlister show the app in use.

Don describes the app and his first of two shows as follows:

In the first of a two part series, we review some of the new features in OmniFocus 2 for the Mac, along with a refresher on some of the core concepts of OmniFocus.

OmniFocus allows you to capture your ideas and thoughts and convert them into actions. Once captured, you can assign due dates, contexts and notes and organise your actions into projects and perspectives to see your data from all angles. The beauty of OmniFocus is the flexible power of the system. Keep it simple or create complexity, OmniFocus is highly configurable and includes many new tools to manage and organise your tasks and actions. 
The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction To OmniFocus 2
  • User Interface
  • Adding Actions
  • Adding Projects
  • Adding Notes to Actions
  • Changing Project Types
  • Adding Contexts

You can watch some of the OmniFocus videos from the OmniGroup website.

If you have been waiting for the update, wait no more and use the long weekend (Memorial Day) to do a brain dump and get your summer in order.


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