MindNode Update

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MindNode, a flexible and powerful mind mapping app has been updated to version 3.1.

Mindmapping is a visual way to outline or represent your ideas in a non-linear fashion. It is great to help you organize tasks, projects, work or school notes.

What’s New in Version 3.1

Improved Outline
• Completely new outline design
• Display outline in a sidebar (iPad only)
• Highlight search term
• Double tap in outline view to edit title
• Preserve font traits like bold and strikethrough

Export Improvements
• Markdown export
• Rich Text export
• No bullets in Plain Text export
• New export icons
• Add indents when exporting titles with line breaks
• Turn text links into explicit links during Plain Text and OPML export
• Import text outline from pasteboard

Other Enhancements
• Improved auto width handling for new main nodes
• Cross connection overlay no longer captures taps
• Ensure document names don’t include new line characters
• Correctly update stroke width when detaching a node from its parent
• Resolves a bug that caused to close a document when switching app
• Allow to dismiss model views with a swipe down from the navigation bar
• Correctly save new documents in asian localised countries
• Ensure that the node well is always above the content
• Correctly remember last inspector tab
• Improved support for the CMD-1 shortcut
• Correctly size text editor when subnodes are folded.
• Ensure new text is always visible.



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