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Pages Sharing and Collaboration via iCloud

How can you share, edit and collaborate your Pages document with others from your iPad? Use Apple’s beta iCloud feature to accomplish this useful feature. You will need an iCloud account. The recipients of the link to your document do not require an iCloud account.

1. Open Pages on your iPad or Mac.

2. Create a document or open an existing one.

3. Tap on the Share icon.

Pages Share

4. Tap “Share the Link via iCloud.” A link to a web page unique to your document will be created.

5. Choose a method to send the link. (Email, Message, Twitter, etc.) You may want to add a password or limit options for editing as shown in step 9 to prevent unauthorized changes or viewing.

6. A link will then appear for you to send. (e.g.

7. On your iPad, a shared document will show a green shared icon.

Pages Shared icon

8. Tap the icon to see the share settings that can be adjusted.

Pages Share Settings

9. From here, you can see the document link, copy or send it again. You can control the permissions  that allow others to view only (Read) or Edit (Change) the document. Add a password to limit who can edit or see your document. Tap stop sharing to end the sharing of your document.

The person(s) you shared with can then use the link to open the document on the web using a browser and read or write to the document depending upon the permissions you set. You can read more about the collaboration feature from Apple’s site.






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