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Together – How to Fix iCloud Issues

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When Together first came out for iOS devices a few weeks ago, the promise of syncing between your Together library on your Mac via iCloud was a big incentive to get the app. Unfortunately, the syncing has not worked like expected and the App Store reviews have been not very good. Lately, there have been updates to both the Mac app and the iOS app to help resolve issues. If you are willing to give the App another try and can risk losing the initial libraries created, this method may reward your wait. The promise of your own Evernote like service can exist with Together. You can read more about the apps from the developer Reinvented Software.

In an attempt to start from scratch to see if you can get the results you want, the Together iCloud library was deleted and a new library to sync was created. This is what was done. Only try this if you are not concerned about losing the libraries you have and have made back ups.

All of this assumes you have internet access, have read the entire article first, have an iCloud account and you have it signed in from your Mac and iOS devices via System Preferences > iCloud on your Mac and System Preferences > iCloud on your iOS device.

On all of your iOS devices, quit Together after moving your iOS Together libraries to iCloud.

Then delete it by tapping and holding the app and then tapping the little x. You may receive a warning letting you know that any data from Together on your iPad may be deleted. You can reload the app in a little bit. Turn off your iOS device. Hold down on/off switch and swipe to power off. Then, turn your iOS device back on. Do this for each iOS device you have Together on.

Then, from your Mac, back up your Together iCloud library by moving it from iCloud to your Mac and then making a backup. To do this, open Together on your Mac and choose an iCloud library you want to save to your local drive. Choose File > Library > Move to Local Folder. You will be presented with a dialog box confirming the move.

Together iCloud Stop Sharing

Then, store the library in a local folder. e.g. Documents. Do this for each iCloud Together library you want to move. After you have selected and moved all of the libraries you want from iCloud to the local folder, quit Together on you Mac and then delete it. You will download it again from the App store in a moment. AppDelete was used to get rid of other files associated with Together, not the library files.

Open System Preferences > iCloud on your Mac. Tap Manage at the bottom right of the window. In the left payn under Manage Storage, scroll down until you see one or more Together files. Select them and delete all of them.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 8.29.49 AM

Confirm the deletion.

Now, restart your computer and reinstall the Together app on your Mac. Open App Store, search for Together and install. Open the app. You will be presented with the choice to create a Togther library.


Create Together Library

You will be given a choice of where to create it. Choose iCloud and name your library. e.g. Together iCloud.

Together iCloud Library

Tap continue. You will now have a Together library stored in iCloud.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 8.41.02 AM

Create a new note if you wish and save.

Now, on your iOS device, download Together and open. You will be presented with something that says checking for iCloud libraries. BE PATIENT. Let it find the library. Make sure you have a good connection to the internet and iCloud on your iOS device is signed into. You will then see the library name you just created on your Mac. Tap to select that library.

The app will then Open the iCloud Library…Please Wait will be shown followed by Downloading from iCloud. Rotate your iPad to landscape and you should see the note from your Mac on the left and right after selecting it. Type a new note from your iPad. Tap the little red i at the top left and select Save.

Now open Together on your Mac. The new information in the note originally created on your Mac that you typed should be there.

You can now enter a new note from your Mac and cmd S or File>Save. While your iOS device is on and Together is running, you will see the note appear…Give it a few moments to go from Red to Black. Apparently this is when syncing is occurring. Tap on a different note and then tap on the new one. It should download the new note to your iOS device.

Now, tap on the pencil icon at the lower left on your iOS device. Create a new note and save. That new note should appear on your Mac in a matter of moments.

Together Create a new note

You may now want to try to move your Mac Together libraries to iCloud. File > Library > Open and select the mac library to open. Then, move it to iCloud via File > Library > Move to iCloud. Repeat this for each of your old MacTogether libraries you want in iCloud. You may not want any and just work with the fresh one you created.

These steps worked for me. Results may vary. Try at your own risk…


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