2Do Task Management App Updated

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If you are looking for an all in one task management app that has a Calendar, List maker, notifier, project manager, and more, 2Do may be for you. The iOS version of the app is standalone but can work and sync with the separate Mac version via Dropbox, Toodledo, and iCal CalDav Server.

From the developer:

2Do lets you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks. With its extremely simple-to-use interface and a comprehensive and flexible set of powerful features, it lets you focus on what’s most important to you: your life. There is no wrong way of using 2Do, and unlike other to-do apps, it won’t force you in adhering to a particular task management methodology.

2Do screenshot

You can watch the app in action below.


New in version 3.0

– Everything. Brand new app built from ground up with iOS 7 and 8 in mind. We’ve improved upon and introduced over 200 new features and improvements and touched every pixel of the app, whilst making the app feel light, fresh and clutter free.
– Desktop-grade task management at your finger tips. Extendable lists, tasks and tags will make your workflows shine.
– Calendar Events for iPad: View and manage your Calendar events directly from within 2Do. No need to switch between apps.
– Native ‘Inbox’ for GTD lovers: Using an Inbox list in 2Do to cover your love for the GTD workflow? 2Do now promotes your Inbox lists optionally and allows you to set it as your default collection list.
– List Groups: Create new List Groups for organizing your lists. You can collapse or expand a List group with a simple tap.
– Quick Add: Tap and hold on [+] to add one task after another
– Fluid Task Editing. We reimagined the ‘edit’ and ‘new task’ screens to make it more fun, and best of all, faster to switch between editing dates, alerts and everything else.
– Extended View: Tap on the priority button next to the task to view multiple lines of text, notes and tags in one go
– Pinch Zooming: Pinch your fingers to zoom in or zoom out of your tasks.
– Drag & drop for Quick Deferring: The new batch edit bar (below the task list) allows you to batch edit, or display a calendar that you can drag and drop tasks on to
– Keyboard Shortcuts for iPads (with external keyboards)
– New Tap-Hold Popup: Do a lot more on a task by tap-holding on it
– New and improved Search bar with search presets for easier Smart List creation.
– New and improved Sort Bar
– New and Improved Tag editing
– New and Improved Actions
– New and Improved Settings
– New and Improved Password Protection with iOS 8 fingerprint unlock support
– New and Improved Notifications with built-in actions for iOS 8
– Improved and optimized background sync
– New and Improved *everything*

2Do Screenshot 2

The developer even describes a way to add reminders to 2Do via Siri.

If you have 2Do setup to sync with iCloud (2Do->Settings->Sync->Sync Method->Calendar Server (CalDAV)->iCloud), you will in effect be able to sync with the Reminders app. To create a reminder in 2Do using Siri you essentially:

  1. Create a reminder using Siri e.g. “Remind me to leave a review on iTunes for 2Do at noon today”
  2. Launch 2Do and tap Sync
  3. Voila. Your newly created task using Siri will now appear in 2Do

If you’ve got multiple calendars (Home, Work, Someday etc) and wish to decide where to create the reminder when using Siri, simply instruct “Add this to my ‘Work’ list’ when it asks you to confirm (i.e. when it says “Here’s your reminder… Shall I create it?”)

 So, if you have been thinking about a task management program to help organize your life and projects, consider this one.



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