Pocket Informant Update

Pocket Informant icon 2014


Pocket Informant allows you to create and edit events, notes and tasks with a clean interface. The universal iOS app is your one stop place to create and review your tasks and appointments. The app was updated to version 4.52 to make it more reliable with iOS 8.

The ability to auto populate with contacts or templates is a powerful feature.

Also, you can use geofencing to filter your calendar or task based on where you are. You can get alerts as you arrive or depart locations.

A list of some of the newest features described by the developer appears below:

  • We now search all future iOS events and 15 years prior of iOS Events in addition to all Pocket Informant native events
  • Details of events/tasks are now in a popover and have more functionality in general with tappable links
  • If we have location info for the event, we also now show weather for that location and date
  • Month View is now a vertical scrolling Rolling Month View
  • Month Detail is now docked to the bottom half of the Month View
  • Double Tap on Month Detail brings up the Day View in the Month View Docked area
  • iPad no longer uses popovers for month detail, but a docked detail
  • You can now print individual events, tasks, and any task list you see in the Task View
  • Saved Calendar Filters can now be edited, and can be activated by geofenced or iBeacon locations
  • Group by Completion in tasks view
  • Tasks cells have had a major visual change:
    • Priority is now shown on the left as a colored bar
    • Context/Project is now shown more cleanly
    • Icons on the right take up vertical space over horizontal space
    • You can now hide or show the multi-select button
  • Multi-select UI has changed by moving to an iOS 7 style under navigation bar, and the multi-select button is off by default (can be turned on in the Event/Task Display Customization settings
  • We now open a contact when you tap on an iOS Birthday event
  • Automatic backups are now enabled and user configurable
  • Reminders now support the List color directly as a folder color and the old iOS_ tags have been removed
  • Today/Calendar view now use a “new” menu for event/task/note. Templates can also be added to this list so you can create a new event or task from a template. Tasks view gets this new menu if there is a template made to show there.
  • Introduced our new recurrence engine. It should be faster and better in many ways.
  • Newest Fleksy.
  • We’ve added the ability to recur events and tasks on 5th day of the week in month
  • Rewritten handling of Pending Meeting invitations
  • Timed Multi-day events now show up much better in the Month View
  • Support for iOS 7 Dynamic Text size and more large text size options
  • Allow conflict checking is now per calendar
  • Ignore alarms of action Email/Procedure/SMS/None from Google

You can try the app and get in app purchases including upgrading to PREMIUM (one-time purchase) which provides you with the following additional abilities.
In addition to allowing unlimited calendars, Reminders and tasks, Premium includes the following:
Print your calendar/tasks (list format)
Sync with Google, Toodledo, and Evernote
• Airdrop, Email or Message your events, tasks & notes
• Rich Text Notes and Contact Management
•Task Smart Filters


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